Service for Landowners

The Club can offer landowners advice, help and practical assistance with any aspect of deer and wild boar management, from assessing population numbers, deer damage assessment, discussing options for control, producing deer and wild boar management plans, assisting with controlled culling and offering advice on sources of grant aid to assist with deer management.

Population Assessments
This is a notoriously unreliable science. Methods can include dung counts, counting deer access routes onto fields, deer drives and more recently the use of thermal imaging cameras. The potential holding capacity for a piece of ground and an acceptable population level varies enormously and where 10 deer in a piece of mature woodland might be acceptable, 1 deer in a new woodland plantation is not. We can help assess population levels and combine it with management objectives to devise and draw up a cull plan and strategy.

Damage Assessment
Damage caused to woodlands and crops may not always be easily identifiable. We can help landowners to identify deer damage to trees, ground flora, agricultural crops and gardens. Depending on the requirements of the landowner we can then advise on how to reduce or eliminate the damage. This may be through one or a combination of methods such as culling, fencing or providing sacrifice crops. Methods such as scents and visual deterrents are usually temporary and expensive to maintain and have been found to be largely ineffective. Each situation demands an individual response.

Management plans
A management plan for either deer or wild boar need not be a complicated document. It is an opportunity to talk to relevant parties, whether they be neighbours, farmers or gamekeepers to canvas their views, assess damage and problems being caused and discuss the best methods of control taking into account conservation, farming and shooting interests. A plan of action can then be produced to try and incorporate everyone’s needs. The Club has highly experienced deer managers who can help, advise and draw up a suitable plan.

Grant Aid
It is recognised by the Forestry Commission that there are few woodlands that are not affected to some extent by deer browsing. Consequently applications for grant aid to plant new woodlands or manage existing woodlands now require a deer management plan to be put in place. Grant aid may be available to help with the production of a deer management plan, install high seats or erect fencing. We can advise on options and apply on your behalf. In some areas grant aid may be available to assist in the purchase of deer larders and handling facilities. Wild boar

Wild boar
Wild boar are on the increase and localised populations can now be found in many areas. Generally secretive they are not as visible as deer but have the potential to cause great damage, particularly to agricultural crops. Their ability to have two litters a year of around 6-8 piglets, an abundance of food and lack of natural predators means that their population can increase very quickly. Our trained stalkers can advise and help with their management and control.

Our qualified stalkers have all completed our own deer stalker training qualification. In 1957 the Club introduced the first formal deer stalker training programme in the UK and has been at the forefront of deer stalker training ever since. Our training is only available to Club Members. The Club’s current deer stalking award was the first customised deer stalking training to be approved by Lantra Awards, it is the most comprehensive deer stalking training available in the UK. Members will typically take at least 4 years to achieve the award through a variety of accompanied stalks, lectures, shooting and written tests. The award is now widely recognised by many organisations including the Deer Initiative, the Forestry Commission and the National Trust. St Hubert Club qualified stalkers are experienced deer managers who can be relied upon to be safe and competent particularly in sensitive public areas. Culling

Once a management plan is in place we can help carry out the cull to the required level in a safe and humane way and to work together with other interests such as game shooting. We are used to managing deer in areas of high public pressure. We can put sufficient skilled stalkers on the ground anywhere in the UK to achieve cull targets. We can also help with collaborative culls if required.

Stalking Leases
The St Hubert Club is happy to discuss and take on new stalking leases anywhere in the UK. We can produce management plans, agree cull figures, provide high seats and chiller and larder facilities if required. You will get a professional service, managed by the Club to a high standard.

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