Club History

History of the Saint Hubert Club of Great Britain
The St. Hubert Club of Great Britain was founded on November 3rd in 1953 in order to create friendship amongst sportsmen, whether they hunt, shoot or fish. Its aims are the conservation, management and pursuit in a sportsmanlike manner of all types of game, particularly deer. The Club is one of a network of St Hubert Clubs throughout Europe.

Initially the Club was founded as a London based club and owned its own property in Central London. Members were able to partake in many of the British field sports such as foxhunting, beagling, fishing, game shooting, pigeon shooting and deer stalking. The Club also acted as a dining club for members visiting the capital.

A history of improving deer welfare in the UK
Several founder Members were Polish ex-patriots who were concerned at the way deer were managed in Great Britain using shotgun drives. The Club was influential in changing people’s views on deer management and were instrumental in helping to bring about changes in legislation in the way that deer were managed.

The Saint Hubert Club initially secured stalking on the whole of Thetford Forest and were able to help train WAGBI (now BASC) Members who developed interests in deer stalking.

In 1957 the Club developed and introduced the very first formal deer stalker training programme in the UK. This training programme formed the basis of all modern deer stalker training.

The Club has remained at the forefront of deer stalker training ever since. The Club’s current deer stalking award was the first customised deer stalking training to be approved by Lantra Awards, it is the most comprehensive deer stalking training available in the UK. Members will typically take at least 4 years to achieve the award through a variety of accompanied stalks, lectures and both shooting and written tests.

The Club is a partner in the Deer Initiative and is represented on FACE, the Standing Committee of Shooting sports and CIC committees.